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Ancient Hawaiians enjoyed a holistic way of life where education, health care, food production, land management, ocean farming, water resources, and sewage recycling were integrated and synergistic. This Ahupua'a can be a model for modern efforts to create and live an abundant sustainable life in accord with natural law.

Modern Hawaii currently suffers a state of 90% dependence on foreign energy and food resources, fractionalized politics, divided culture, separation from their land, restricted access to their shorelines, and one of the worst educational systems in the US.

The contrast between the "aloha" culture of old and the ignorance of today provides a stark contrast in what could be vs. what is. The Hawaiian Sustainability Foundation supports projects that are aligned with Hawaiian culture and lifestyle in a way that will help to align modern business practices with the "Hawaiian" way, what is best for the next 12 generations.

Hawaiian Sustainability Foundation is a 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization registered in the State of Hawaii and with the IRS.

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